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Macabre history of Middleboro town hall focus of pre-Halloween tour
Eileen Reece
Posted:  10/29/2013 12:19 PM

The Middleboro Town Hall, long rumored to be haunted, stands as a reminder to believers this Halloween season of the ghosts that some say hide within.

The stately town hall built in 1870 and located in downtown Middleboro has a grand but spooky appearance as the sun sets over the cupola and soft lighting caste shadows on this grand Victorian style building.

Rich in history, the hauntings reported in the town hall by late night workers of unexplained voices, phantom footsteps, flashes of light, and vast changes in temperature became more than just rumors when paranormal groups began their investigations five years ago.

Equipped with cameras, high tech thermo sensors, and digital voice recorders, a parade of paranormal groups ascended on town hall as word quickly spread of their findings.

Each group presented ‘evidence’ of some form of paranormal activity ranging from actual ghost sightings, pictures of orbs, voice recordings picked up by digital recorders, and wide changes in temperature.

One unsuspecting wedding party, found circular lights in their wedding pictures taken in the grand ballroom at the town hall, and after asking for a paranormal investigation, learned they were orbs.

A number of theories have surfaced on the reason for its hauntings, the town hall is reportedly built on the grounds of an Indian village and burial site, it also housed a jail, and a morgue.

The reported hauntings of the Middleboro town hall, 10 Nickerson Ave., attracted the attention of the Colonial Lantern Tours of Plymouth and Boston, who were to conduct lantern tours of downtown Middleboro, starting at the town hall on Tuesday and Wednesday beginning at 8 p.m. The tour, which costs $15, takes about 90 minutes and includes historic sites such as the town hall, Pierce House, Pierce Store, Old Colonial Fort, Robbins Archeological Museum, and the Middleboro Historic Museum, along with local ghost stories.

Jane Kudcey, Director of Middleboro’s Office of Economic and Community Development, welcomes the lantern tours and hopes it kicks off a local plan to promote tourism in Middleboro. Plans are currently in the works for a Herring Run Festival next April.

Kudcey says the town continues to receive requests from paranormal groups seeking to perform investigations.

“There is definitely an interest in the paranormal in general,” said Kudcey who plans to attend the lantern tour.

“Absolutely, I wouldn’t miss it, it’s going to be fun,” said Kudcey.