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Ghost of General ArnoldGhost & Legends Lantern Tour

Plymouth's Original Ghost Tour has been entertaining visitors and locals alike since 1994. Featuring Plymouth's macabre past with incredible stories of blood, gore and ghosts, this candle-lit lantern tour provides a tantalizing view of events that have occurred in Plymouth throughout the years.

On this 90 minute ghost walking tour, you'll:

  • Relive Plymouth's haunted history as we visit haunted alleyways, unmarked burial sites, and investigate local legends throughout the tour.
  • Discover legendary Burial Hill and hear the stories of famous Americans like colonial governor William Bradford, original pilgrim settler John Howland, and Revolutionary War hero James Warren.
  • Learn about Plymouth's most famous shipwreck from the Revolutionary War and its connection to the notorious traitor, Benedict Arnold. Was his treachery really the cause of the ship's demise?
  • Experience the site where the infamous Wampanoag Indian Chief Metacomet, also known as King Philip, had his decapitated head mounted in the village for over 20 years after the bloody end of King Phillip's War in 1676.

Each participant carries a hand-made punched tin lantern as they experience firsthand the macabre events in Plymouth's past and the history behind them.

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lanten tourHistoric Colonial Lantern Tour

Take a stroll through the historic district of Plymouth with your expert costumed Pilgrim guide on this 90 minute walking tour, as you learn about the Pilgrims, Native Americans, the statues and the monuments of this picturesque area.

Tour Description

Hear the incredible stories and the history behind:

  • The site of the original Pilgrim village
  • Town Square
  • Cole's Hill
  • Scenic pathways
  • Brook of Brewster Gardens
  • Pilgrim Mother Fountain
  • Mayflower II
  • Plymouth Harbor
  • The Sarcophagus
  • Massasoit Statue

Learn the true and amazing story of how Plymouth Rock became a national monument. This tour is bound to leave you looking to extend your stay in "America's Hometown."
Meeting Location:
At Plymouth Rock