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Comments from our participants:

Don't miss this!
History Lantern Tour - Plymouth We took a group of students from our high school-a Christian academy here on Long Island. Promptly at 7:15 our tour guide showed up-handed us our lit lanterns and the tour began. From the moment we left the trolley stop we were delighted by an informative, personable tour guide who was also willing to answer any of our questions. We learned so much-but it wasn't your average history lesson. The tour was a fun- filled fact journey and was more and more interesting with each step we took. For those who might wonder about the distance you would walk-it was not the least bit arduous, as every site is a stone's throw from the last.. Wonderful too, was the fact that you offered a history tour and not just the typical ghost tours so many historical sights offer. It was well done-we are bringing our own family back later this summer. Well worth the trip, the cost (which was minimal) and the walking! Sincerely, E. Graf

Very fun! How to get into the Halloween Spirit
Ghost & Legend Lantern Tour - Plymouth I've done this tour in the past and always enjoy bringing friends along to experience it for the first time...Imagine walking with candle-lit tin lanterns through a very old burial ground with moonlight casting creepy shadows all around, or walking alongside houses and shops with haunted histories and peeking in their windows! It's always a different experience but without a doubt, a lot of fun and a great October tradition!

Freaked me out!
Ghost & Legend Lantern Tour - Plymouth  This tour really freaked me out. There were times when I had Goosebumps and cold chills. It was a fabulous tour full of intriguing information.

This was a wonderful addition to our visit

History Lantern Tour - Plymouth  My sister and I recently visited Plymouth and found the Lantern tour to be a wonderful addition to our visits to the Mayflower II and the Plymouth Plantation. This lantern tour gave us a greater understanding of the history of Plymouth, the pilgrims landing and the Native American people who already occupied this area. By hearing the stories and the history of the people and the area you can really begin to understand the dynamics between the two groups and the conflicts and difficulties that occurred. WE highly recommend this wonderful 90-minute evening walk. The guides are very

A Must-See For Those Visiting Plymouth
Ghost & Legend Lantern Tour - Plymouth Our tour guide made the evening's tour a real delight! Walking with the lanterns added to the fun while we traipsed all about town. We even had some spookiness occur while on the tour--streetlights that went out and then back on suddenly several times. Wear comfortable walking shoes and keep an open mind!

Ghosts and Legends great for family Ghost & Legend Lantern Tour - Plymouth  Our family took the tour with our ten year old son and a group of his friends. We are all from Plymouth and it showed us a side we hadn't seen before. The boys were a bit scared, but said in the end they really enjoyed it and learned a lot. We would recommend this for locals as well as tourists. Ghost & Legend Tour is Great Fun!

Excellent Tour
History Lantern Tour - Plymouth The students and I very much enjoyed the Lantern tour and found the guide engaging, knowledgeable, and entertaining. Highly recommended. Thank you!

Even great for locals
Ghost & Legend Lantern Tour - Plymouth We thoroughly enjoyed this tour. Even though we reside in Plymouth, we never before took advantage of this tour. The guide was personable & knowledgeable. Some pretty peculiar activities occurred as we strolled down the "haunted" streets and alleys! Fabulous fun.